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Maximizing SEO Tools For Business Growth

By Chris Davis

SEO or search engine optimization can be broken down into different elements and you must know and understand how to utilize each.

SEO is important because it helps your content, website, and business visible to the audience and possible prospects. 

As people are driven into your website through SEO-powered content it will create more traffic and this means that there’s more opportunity for conversion of your prospects into customers.

SEO is an important tool for brand awareness, networking, being a subject matter expert of your business or expertise. 

SEO and Marketing go hand in hand for business growth and development and it’s crucial to understand what tools and techniques are.

Here are some tools and techniques when planning to utilize SEO for your business.


SEO Tools

1. Keyword Research Tools

Keywords search still is one of the most important parts of optimizing your website or content.

The target keywords can help with ushering your prospects directly to your platform.

Keywords are phrases or words that are used by the audience to search for specific needs when they go into a search engine. 

When choosing or investing in a keyword, you need to consider the search rate because this can help your website to rank.

The higher the ranking of your page or website the better because you are becoming more visible to your target audience.

It is also ideal to choose keywords with low competition because this will help drive traffic and organic leads to you.

Next, you need to use long-tail keywords.

These keywords usually are phrases that people type in whenever they are inquiring about a specific need or product.

Lastly, use local keywords if you are based in a local community or city because proximity will be an edge of your company. 

2. SEO Software

There are tons of SEO software available out there and some are even free.

You need to choose software that can help save you from the arduous task of keyword search and data analysis.

The best software should be able to provide reports about your keywords ranking and if your marketing campaign is working.

These reports can also include how your competitors are doing and if you can measure up to them. 

If you are also managing multiple websites or platforms, some SEO software can help you monitor and check the progress of each with ease.

This software can save you hours of effort in creating accurate reports within minutes.

Website Audit Tools

Aside from getting the right keywords for your website, you should also make sure that the site is optimized for a great user experience.

This means that you need to regularly have your website audited. The tags should be working properly so as the pages.

The images should not take too long to upload or aren’t too big nor small for the audience. 

A web audit report will indicate the overall health of your website.

You need to look at the things that you need to fix and improve so that people won’t be leaving your website as soon as they get in.

If you can maintain a scheduled web audit and development the better.


Once you get the right SEO keywords for your website you now need to create the content.

This is an important part of SEO because the content is your way to engage and communicate with your audience.

Good content can increase your visibility, thus, achieving brand awareness. 

You need to make sure that your content is consistent with your brand and services.

This will help you build a relationship with your prospects and eventually convert them into paying customers of your product or service. 

Your content should provide information about your product or service.

It should also engage your audience and get them hooked on what you are offering.

Make sure that it’s also relevant so you must know the latest trend or fad.

Lastly, your content should be shareable to increase your visibility. 

Off-Page SEO

This involves external optimization and it happens outside of your website instead of on it.

This is possible by utilizing backlink building.

Backlinks to your website from external sources tell search engines that your website is reliable and credible. 

You can maximize off-page SEO through guest blogging, creating shareable graphics, and having influencers share your content and website. 

On-Page SEO

This technique is where you can use the SEO keywords that you’ve searched using the tools.

You can create blogs, social media posts, and posts on any platform you are in.

You just need to make sure that you can insert your target keywords in all of the content on your website.

This will help with the recall of your brand. 

Mentioning the SEO keywords as much as possible will also help with the ranking of your website and social media channel.

Some businesses also use hashtags whenever using the target keywords and this is a good way for people to easily find you and your website.

Tablet with SEO report on it.


Local SEO

This is a very important part of optimizing your website especially if you are locally operating as a business or company.

People usually search for services or products that are closest to them because of the convenience.

The internet is also a huge market to be found and inserting local keywords including your specific city, community or country will help drive traffic to your website. 

Web Traffic

An increase in web traffic is one of the goals of optimizing your website.

Web traffic can be translated into an effective brand awareness campaign.

Having higher web traffic and click-through rate means that your website is becoming more visible and searchable.

Traffic can also equate to generating more leads that can be followed through by the marketing team. 

Improved Visitor Experience

As mentioned a while ago, having your website audited can help with the visitor experience.

People will tend to stay longer on a website if the site can easily be navigated and easy on the eyes.

You can also achieve an improved visitor experience by making engaging content like videos, quizzes, and promos that will make them stay.



Growth is one of the primary goals of SEO.

You want your business to grow and gain more customers and prospects.

As your business expands and develops you should also take steps that will help assist the growing needs of your customers.

SEO’s capability to reach a lot of people at once can lessen the waiting time for people or customers to be attended to right away.



SEO might be an overwhelming word especially for startups and businesses that are starting to grow and move into digital marketing.

Technology’s made to make our lives easier and this includes our businesses and companies.

It’s a good thing that there are already subject matter experts in this field where you can consult and ask for help. 

Like when searching for the right keywords for your website it’s also important to find the right people for your digital marketing needs.

Let us help you find the right path and tools to use for your digital marketing journey.


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