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How to Reach Your Clients Through Social Media

By Jason Bramble

Social Media constitutes all of the platforms where you connect with people online.

Some notable social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Each platform offers the ability to share images, videos, and most vital information about the owner of the profile.

A lot of people are now connecting through social media and most can build new connections and communities with these platforms. 

Each platform is known for its specialization and communities that they service and people use. Here are some of the benefits and cons of each platform.



This platform has been known all over the world.

It has now over two billion active users.

Most if not all have a Facebook account, and this makes it the top platform for businesses.

It allows businesses and companies to make a community for their customers.

Through this page or community, you can post new products and services that you are offering. 

Because of its easy signup, people and businesses can make their accounts in just a nick of time.

After having an account, you can upload images right away.

If you have a business, it will be best to post images or videos that are relevant to your business.

Once you’ve also established a website for your business, you can also directly share the content of the website and drive traffic to boost your impressions and conversions. 

Though Facebook is highly accessible, you still need a team and an effective social media marketing strategy for people to engage with your page.

People need to follow your page and you also need to get your content out there through Facebook ads to get noticed.

This platform is also best when using a smartphone and this can have a direct impact on your business. 


This is another platform with a large active user base.

It’s an attractive platform for both small and large businesses because it can give users fresh content from all over the internet.

The limited characters make the copy and CTAs interesting and keep the users curious. 

This platform is one of the most accessible and used by young people, students, and even by known politicians for updates.

It’s informative and highly engaging. People can also retweet whatever it is that you’ve written. 

Twitter has only 280 characters per message and it can be a big drawback.

If you want to post more information you may need to make a thread for your followers to see all the details.

Since all of the tweets are posted chronologically it’s easy for your tweet to be lost in the thousands who tweeted just right after you.


This platform is one of the youngest but its growth is massive.

It has over one billion monthly active users.

The users are mostly people who are thirty-four years old and younger.

It can be the best platform when connecting with younger and hip demographics.

If your business deals with fashion and technology this might be the platform for you. 

Users can post images, short videos, and life stories with several available filters.

Instagram can also be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It can easily update and post to other platforms as soon as you publish it on Instagram.

This is a good social media marketing tool because you can post one content across all three platforms at once. 

Since the main drive of people to check your post are the images, you should invest in producing high-quality images and videos.

This may consume resources and time for sure.

Also, you can only share information about your service or product through the captions so you better utilize the hashtags for better impressions.


This is one of the best platforms for professionals.

Most of the users are employees and business owners across all industries.

The users connect here on a professional level making this platform more formal and professional compared to other social media platforms.

LinkedIn also responds better to B2B content in comparison to B2C.

This is where a company seeks business as clients because it appeals more to business owners and companies rather than to individuals.

Most users are also responsive with inquiries about their profession on this platform unlike in social media platforms that professionals don’t usually open their direct messages. 

The only difference between this platform and the rest is the user base because it has fewer users.

There’s also less interaction and engagement with LinkedIn


This platform is the second-largest search engine after Google.

You can upload any type of video genre possible.

Most of the videos that do well here are music and comedy.

A lot of businesses utilize this platform by producing content like instructional videos, product/service reviews, and other videos for media promotions.

This is considered a highly effective social media marketing strategy because people usually turn to Youtube to find step-by-step instructions and valuable reviews before buying a product. 

One of the benefits of this platform is that your video will show up in Google search results and this is good if one of your goals is brand awareness.

It will increase your visibility and conversion rates.

YouTube SEO


The only thing about the videos should be high quality.

This means that you will be allocating resources for the videos if you are planning to use them for your social media marketing strategy. 

Now that you have an idea of what each platform can do for your business, here are some tips to get more clients through these platforms.

1. Choose the right platform for your business

Consider the pros and cons of each platform and choose at least one that will best suit your needs.

This will help you focus on one platform and will save you both time and resources.

Choose a platform with the strengths that can greatly benefit your business or company for the long haul.


2. Engage with your audience

Once you’ve chosen the perfect platform you should actively engage with your audience.

You need to build a connection with them to understand their needs.

You also need to study and observe the latest trends to insert relevant keywords into your content.

This will help your audience find you right away and make your content relevant.


3. Run a contest

Everyone likes to be a winner.

Run a contest and give a prize to those who will win and some consolation to those who will be joining.

Discounts and coupons are a guarantee that the people who participate will check your website or business to claim the prize.

Easily these audiences will be converted into customers. 

4. Publish evergreen content to share

It will be to your advantage to share freshly made articles or posts that can be shared by your audience.

This will help increase brand awareness at the same time drive traffic to your website and community.

Make sure that it’s shareable for their connection to easily see and access it.


5. Be apt in responding to inquiries

As much as possible reply to comments and messages.

This will make your audience feel valued.

It also increases the credibility of your website and platform if you can attend to their questions right away.

You can also reply to their comments once they’ve left a good review or even if they have problems with your product or service.


6. Social and paid ads

This is something that will be worth investing in.

You need to figure out the right combination of time and targeted audience for the ads to work in your favor.

These ads will help increase your views, clicks, and engagement.


7. Build an email list for follow-through

Sending out emails once the audience fills out any of your forms is very important.

This will make them feel important and will also help them recall your service or product.

You can remind them of your new services and products.

It will also be best to regularly send them emails about the new information that they can use in their industry with backlinks to your website traffic and conversions.



Social media marketing might be an overwhelming word especially for startups and businesses that are starting to grow and move into digital marketing.

Technology’s made to make our lives easier and this includes our businesses and companies.

It’s a good thing that there are already subject matter experts in this field where you can consult and ask for help. 

Like when searching for the right platforms for your website it’s also important to find the right people for your digital marketing needs.

Let us help you find the right path and tools to use for your digital marketing journey.


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