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Lead Scoring 101

By Jason Bramble

Lead scoring is a process of ranking sales and readiness of a lead, it’s also a shared sales and marketing methodology.

The score leads are based on the interest of leads that show in your business, their current status in their purchase journey, and their fit in your business. 

This can also help your business know if the prospects need to be fast-tracked to sales or develop with lead nurturing.

In marketing and sales, the combined efficiency and productivity can be based on the clarity of the sales-ready lead.

To get the best lead scoring results it’s better to use demographic and firmographic attributes like company size, industry, job title, behavioral scoring such as clicks, keywords, and web visits. 

Lead scoring is not just a marketing strategy, it can make your entire business more effective and help align the many different teams within the company.

If done well, lead scoring can have great results like:


More effective marketing campaigns

Lead scoring can help identify the campaigns and channels that result in high-quality leads.

With this data, you can tailor your company’s marketing strategy to generate qualified leads and make informed business decisions. 


Sales and Marketing alignment

An effective lead scoring system contributes to alignment between sales and marketing.

If you make lead scoring a priority, you can ensure that every lead that passes through the sales team will be qualified.

This data can strengthen the relationship between the departments and contribute to better sales and marketing alignment. 


Increase revenue

With better lead scoring, the sales department will prioritize which leads should be prioritized.

Going after the right leads promptly helps increase revenue. 

After learning some of the benefits, the next step is to know the models that you can use to come up with better lead scoring results.


Demographic information

It will be best to ask demographic questions in your surveys and landing pages, this data can help you to see how well will the people fit in with your target audience.

With this information, your sales team can sort out and filter out the people that don't fall into the category of the people that you are targeting or selling to. 

If you are selling to a certain demographic location, age, or proper city, you can give these leads negative scoring.

Some leads will also add extra information to your survey and landing pages, it will be best to give them extra points. 


Company information

You need to determine if you are a B2B or B2C organization and the certain size, type, or industry that you are targeting or selling to.

With the surveys and landing pages that you have on your website, you should ask these questions and give points to the audiences that positively answer the type of business that you want to connect to.

In the same way, you could also give negative points to those who don't satisfy the requirements that you are looking for. 


Online behavior

The way your leads behave on your website should be taken into account as well.

This data is crucial information because it can tell how interested they are in buying from your company or business.

Observe your leads and see those who will eventually become customers.

You need to look at how many offers they checked out and how many pages they visit on your website before purchasing. 

The number of forms and pages that they’ve looked at is important because it tells a lot about how interested they are in buying from you.

You need to give higher scores to those who visited pages like pricing or demo request pages. 

At the same time, you should observe the leads that changed behavior especially when they stopped visiting the website because this may mean that they may not be interested anymore.

You can take away points from these leads if they stopped engaging after some time. 


Email engagement

You send several emails to prospects and you’re not sure how interested they are in buying.

What you can do is to check the open and click-through rates, this will give you a better idea of interest level.

This information can be useful to your sales team because they would want to know who opened the email in your lead nurturing efforts.

They can be more focused on the most engaged and you can give higher scores to those leads with better clickthrough rate and values emails and demo offers. 


Social engagement

The engagement behavior of the leads on the social media networks can give you a better understanding of how interested they are.

You need to see how many times they click through your company’s social media posts.

Your target buyers are active on social media networks and you need to award points to leads with a certain number of followers. 


Spam detection

You must give negative scores to leads that filled out the forms but are suspiciously behaving as spam.

You can simply filter them by seeing how they filled out the forms.

If you are also targeting businesses or companies, you may want to take away points from leads who use Gmail or Yahoo accounts. 

Aside from the models, you must talk to your sales team because they directly communicate with the leads that turned into customers and those who didn’t.

You also need to talk to your customers to hear from both sides of the spectrum.

Lastly, you need to consult the people who are handling data and analytics.


Final Thoughts

Lead scoring might be an overwhelming word especially for startups and businesses that are starting to grow and move into digital marketing.

Technology’s made to make our lives easier and this includes our businesses and companies.

It’s a good thing that there are already subject matter experts in this field where you can consult and ask for help. 

Like when determining the right leads for your company it’s also important to find the right people for your digital marketing needs.

Let us help you find the right marketing agency in Philadelphia for your digital marketing journey. 


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