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3 Digital Promotion Strategies (That Actually Bring Results)

By Jason Bramble


A digital promotion strategy is the fastest approach to get your message heard if you want to run an effective digital marketing campaign.

The reality is that if you do not appear on the first page of the search results, you are missing out on possibilities to increase your brand's visibility and income online.

There is also an increasing worry about the loss in organic traffic of social media activity, leaving businesses with little alternative except to spend on digital advertising to reach their target demographic.

But do not give up. We will break down several digital promotion strategies that deliver quick results in this post.


What Are Digital Promotion Strategies?

Content, news, and offers are distributed using a multi-channeled strategy in promotion tactics.

Technically, you should be engaged on as many platforms as your resources will allow.

However, because we are talking about digital marketing, we want to concentrate on the long-term development of organic search.

You may be puzzled as to why this is the case.

It is because organic search accounts for 47 percent of all traffic to the top nonprofit websites.


How to Grow Organic Traffic

Backlinks are among Google's three leading ranking criteria.

If you want to rank on the initial page of Google for targeted keywords, you will need people to connect to your site.

Backlinks are significant since search engines consider them to be an indication of credibility and trust.

As a result, obtaining backlinks from reputable sites improves the trustworthiness and significance of your content.

Keep in mind that it is in the best interests of search engines to provide the most relevant results for every query.

Simply generate content to get connections to your website.

Web admins frequently link external websites since they assist in emphasizing a point, give data-backed proof, and expand on a topic addressed in the article.

Webmasters, in other words, desire to connect to your material since it provides value to their own.

Of course, there could be other factors at play.

Websites that earn links, for example, are more inclined to reciprocate.

Theoretically, that sounds good, but it works differently when put into practice.


Create a Content Outreach Campaign

An outreach campaign is the strategy of your digital agency for spreading the message out about your company.

To begin, define your campaign objectives so that you can track your success.

For example, you could aim to gain five backlinks, 500 social shares, 5,000 views, or rank on the top page of Google results in three months after posting a new article.

After you have established your objectives, you will need to compile a list of websites related to your content offerings.

The keyword you will use to examine the metrics can then be chosen. Following that, Google's top 10 search results will appear.

You can do the same process with Moz, SEMrush, or Majestic, but Ahrefs is preferable since their backlink data is updated regularly.

After which, copy and paste each URL into the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool.

The link will be marked in green if it is correctly directed.

On the other hand, if the link is marked in red, it means that it is no longer active.

Consider your outreach successful if you can get one backlink for every 100 emails sent.

It is time-consuming, but the end product is well worth the effort.

However, there are other techniques to accomplish comparable outcomes with less effort.


1. Establish connections with industry influencers

Relationship development is at the heart of marketing, and not only with your target audience.

You must reach out to those in your sector if you want your company to be viewed as an industry authority.

Delivering material that assists in the comprehension and growth of knowledge in your business is one of the most remarkable ways to achieve this.

Reaching out to influencers might sometimes be all that it takes to enhance the reach of your material.

The number of shares it generates will surprise you, and if you have something of actual worth, a straight ask can occasionally succeed. 

Influencers will gladly share your material with their information-hungry followers.

These are some clever ways to spread the word about your work and perhaps make some new friends.

Building genuine connections with industry websites, on the other hand, has a more significant impact.


2. Earn backlinks on influencer websites

So, how do you go about forming these bonds?

A link is the highest distinction a website can offer on another.

It is also a simple approach to assess the worth of your work.

Try and do something nice for somebody who does not expect something in return.

You may, for example, provide a link to a content deal on their site.

You cannot guarantee that social shares will lead to a link, but it will at the very least get your material seen.


3. Interact where your audience is active

It is a great idea to participate in forums where the majority of your community is engaged every once in a while.

You may participate in publicly available chat platforms, which can reach hundreds or even thousands of views among hundreds of accounts related to the sector your website serves.

To master any kind of marketing, you must first master relationship development.

It is the best way to gain visibility, create your brand, and position yourself as a professional in the field.

Other participants may pay attention to you at times.

Furthermore, having more online connections makes it easy to share your material and boost your search ranks.


Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, a digital promotion strategy is a method of distributing material via the internet.

Establishing an outreach campaign utilizing broken link-building methods is an effective way to develop a value for website owners. 

Another effective strategy is to reach out to social media influencers to get your material circulated and create brand trust.

Remember: building genuine relationships with industry websites can help you acquire links and awareness in the community.

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