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How to Develop an Incredible Email Marketing Strategy

By Armando Ferguson

Ok, so you have your email list ready to go.

But what are you supposed to be sending people?

Email marketing is one of the best methods to translate prospective customers into paying ones.

But it is not all about sending them countless product emails or adverts.

Do not despair; we are here to show you how to design an incredible email marketing strategy.


Segment Your Email List

Divide your list of emails up into pools of people you want to market too separately.

Not everyone on your list of emails will have an interest in everything you send.

Sparking disinterest in prospective customers can be awful.

They send your email to spam and - ‘poof’ it is all over.

You can create an excel spreadsheet with various lists in for different purposes.

As an example; if your business has multiple locations, you might want a separate list for each of those people.

This way you can produce emails that are relevant to the specific customers in each list.

Keep one big list so that you can send important information over to everyone, like a yearly newsletter or information about a rebrand.


Be More than a Business

Your emails have to show that you have a purpose in your audiences’ lives.

Don’t expect them to follow your emails if they are just a stream of advertisements.

That is not what it is about.

Send emails that relate to your target audience on a business and semi-personal level.

If the weather has been terrible then mention it.

If we are in a fourth lockdown, then make a well-thought-out joke about it.

You do not want to offend but you do want to be personable and relatable.


Give Something Back

Offer out free courses or tutorials, eBooks or coupons depending on your business and what you think will work for your target audience.

Ebooks Help With Email Marketing

Giving something back to your customers is a sure way of keeping them loyal to your business and interested in the emails that you are sending them.


Involve Your Customers

As we mentioned earlier – if something is changing in your business then be sure to involve your customers in the change.

If you are altering your website, updating your content, rebranding or moving location if you have an actual shop then be sure to let your customers be a part of this.

Run competitions from your emails and get your customers choosing which designs they like the best or giving feedback on your new website. 

If you are rebranding, instead of hiring a designer you can use a free logo creator app like GraphicSprings to quickly come up with your own concepts.

Then have your customers vote on which one of your logo concepts they like best. Pursuing customer involvement integrates them into your business, turning them into likely brand ambassadors.


Brand Your Emails

Remember that your emails should be stylish and enticing to look at.

Colorful and beautiful but easy to load and with working links in them.

Add your brand to all of the emails you send out.

This is not just your logo, but is the style, colors and voice that you use for your business across the board, on your website, telephone, in person, on socials and in your emails too.

A marketing strategy does not have to be complicated to work, it just has to be honest, transparent, and interactive.

It helps a lot if it looks great too.

Design great graphics that match up with your brand and make sure that you are sending the right email content to your selected target audience each time.