What is it?

Over the last decade, the role of public relations has changed drastically. The focus has shifted from media coverage to brand communications that leverage multi-faceted public relations programs. Revcarto's PR professionals are skilled communications strategists who leverage various tactics to create brand awareness and reach your target audience. Our communications strategy not only embodies the traditional role of a PR professional but embraces the shifting landscape of media relations.

Our approach

We will work closely with your PR team to ensure that we are always prepared to tackle PR challenges while meeting targets. We always come up with unique ideas that align with your campaign goals while conducting a 360 view of your business, researching new media ideas that will be essential to telling your brand's story. 


We understand how important timing is, and as such, we treat every aspect of your business with utmost urgency, especially PR issues. Our team consists of expert storytellers and news handlers who are well abreast of the happenings in your industry by staying updated on social media platforms and staying on the lookout for analytical fluctuation.

We provide our PR services with the utmost attention to detail while building customer relationships and leveraging our extensive network of journalists to generate a detailed PR program. 





Revcarto covers a full range of cooperating communications regardless of the sector across all owned paid channels. Hence, all communications should be generated from one source with a unified voice and authority. It also implies that we have the foresight to see both the negative and positive potential for both outcomes.


In the past decade, the growth has put leaders in the spotlight. This is encouraging the trend for transparency. Our consultancy is in partnership with senior counsel to help executives elevate and protect their profiles.



Reputation is essential in this line of business. News, true or false, travels faster than it did ten years ago, making it almost impossible to get in front of it if you are not adequately prepared. With our reputation management service include identifying and mitigating reputational risks across a full range of cooperating crisis.



Influencer relations has become an essential strategy for many companies to get their content in front of the right audiences. It creates meaningful engagements and maximizes conversions. We understand that influencer relations can not be generalized to fit all approach. Every influencer campaign we execute is individually customized and data-driven to help PR experts reach the right targeted audience through relationships and partnerships with influencers. We pinpoint influential customers within your target audience who will serve as a third-party brand advocate.



Our media relations approach is focused solely on relevance. It is becoming almost impossible to stand out in the shrinking media landscape and get positive attention from the target audience. It is essential to always have the right message for your selected users through the most effective media outlets at the right place at the right time.



Regardless of what the news might be, either announcing company news or launching new products or services, we help you to write specific and timeless press releases that are effective enough to attract media coverage and reach your target audience. Whether it is an immediate or limited release, our team finds strategies that are ideal media placements that align the most with your brand's objectives.