Revcarto Awarded New Google Partner Badge

By Megan Barrow

We're excited to announce Revcarto has earned the Google Partner badge!

We hope you’ll celebrate with us! It’s a distinction based on the demonstrated results our team delivers consistently with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords).

And, with it comes a greater degree of benefits our clients can count on when growing their position in the B2B market.

Here are four added values partnership brings to your table:


1. Experts You Can Trust

The Google Ads landscape is not only complicated but also continually changing, which is why it makes sense to have a dedicated professional team handle the funds allocated to your digital advertising.

Working with a Google Partner means the professional handling your ad spend has demonstrated Google Ad skills and expertise by passing a certification course.

But it isn’t enough to just pass the exams.

Google has a vested interest in ad campaigns that bring results and so it demands a level of proficiency managing ad accounts, as well as meeting its standards for best practices.


2. Sustainable Results

Achieving Partner status means Revcarto has met Google ad spend requirements over an extended period of time, delivered solid overall client ad revenue growth, and sustained and grown our own client base.

This means our account managers are well versed in all available ad features and can reliably use them to achieve targeted goals. Performance is a key part of earning Google’s seal of approval. 

We are continuously under review—so we must maintain a high level of excellence, growth and management skills to retain the badge.

We don’t want our Google Partner badge to be revoked!


3. Competitive Advantage

The evaluation criteria Google has in place ensures we fully understand our clients’ marketing objectives and maximize the success of their Google Ads campaigns by meeting those objectives. 

Our team has complete use of Google Ad and beta features, receives invitations to select Google events, and gets access to different levels of trainings and support.

In order to continue running successful campaigns its important to actively stay on top of emerging tools and ahead of competitors.


4. Resolve Issues Quickly

With the Partner Badge, Revcarto gains access to a dedicated Google team representative.

If issues arise having a designated contact means our response time when troubleshooting is quick—no waiting in a queue to be the next customer served.

This means our clients jump to the head of line with us. 

Working with Revcarto means working with a marketing firm that understands B2B marketing and that you are using a trusted team to deliver results worth celebrating.


Bonus Offer - Free Google Ads Audit

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