Expert email marketing services


Although some companies adopt B2B email marketing, they do not effectively maximize their potential. They post monthly updates but do not generate traffic that should have been made through these monthly email updates. Revcarto helps you create informative, engaging content, good enough to trigger your clients the right way to follow up on the email or click to read more.


Our approach


Our B2B email marketing service helps you to connect with a broader audience as compared to traditional media marketing. It is a very effective means of keeping in contact with your customers, and it doesn't cost as much as your conventional media marketing. We strategically target a specific audience through our state-of-the-art analytical tools to distribute the links of your content to them. Using these tools, we can also track the number of links sent compared to the number viewed and links clicked. We use this to track the progress of our algorithm hence, improving its performance and generate leads. 


While working with us, you receive perks like guidance, support, and advice based on the result obtained from our algorithm. We will integrate the response to your unique brand; this will help us launch an effective email marketing campaign for your business.


Tools we use: AdRoll, AWeber, Zapier