Expert CRM services

Customer Relationship Management is a vital tool for providing services to your customers who are the core of your business. Managing this relationship with customers is essential.


Revcarto's CRM services include business leads management, customer interface planning, sales automation, and end-to-end relationship management that begins from marketing to delivery of products or services. We provide top-notch customer relationship management services to help B2B businesses take advantage of the benefits it brings. To do this, we implement CRM product engineering and software development tools for leading and upcoming CRM independent software firms and other businesses.


How we do it

We work with our clients based on the expertise and experience we have gathered, maximizing the power of technology to achieve impressive results and implementing CRM workflow and applying the patterns observed to create solutions.


Our CRM experts work with you closely to select the best CRM product for your business and helps you implement the chosen product. With our vast experience in developing CRM software, we approach SaaS CRM suite architecture and development, CRM, and analytics for lead sourcing and enhancement and many others, providing fast ripple effect improving customer experience.


Our solutions


We guide you in developing a CRM architecture that suits your business's requirement that discovers customers through an ongoing process. Consolidation and unification of all CRM initiatives are vital for the success of any business. Our CRM architecture helps by building strategic tools that support customer profiling, segmentation, time and contact management, sales force automation, and marketing service automation.


The design and implementation of CRM architecture require adequate evaluation of the requirements need to meet after assessing all integration alternatives and evaluating it against the proposed CRM solutions.



What is essential for CRM is the availability of data on customers. Such data includes address information, the person of contact, order history, business relation, previous and existing opportunities, and so on. Besides this information, keeping track of past information such as visits, calls, event participation, and the complaint is an essential part of enterprise relationship management. Contact management enables your business to track any interaction a customer has had with your business. Access to this information allows us to generate knowledge about your customers and make sales plans accordingly.



This includes the steps, media, and means for the campaign, including timelines, budgets, and task assignments. 

It supports campaigns with repeated waves and activities. By implementing workflow automation on Campaign Planning and Tracking, we can define the rule base for the campaign execution. Users and teams receive automatic notifications on the task to execute, such as outbound calls and mailing fulfillment. The campaign planning should be implemented in collaboration with salesforce and other parts of the organization, including channel partners.



Manages the campaign with available tools for its execution. This functionality includes Mass Mailings via Mail, Fax, Email and Tele-marketing, and telesales inbound and outbound campaign generation.



Incoming leads are assigned to the sales team, who then qualify the lead. Criteria such as expected revenue, potential competition, product portfolio, and so on must be considered as well. Once the lead has been qualified, it becomes a part of the sales pipeline. The rejected leads go back to the management department for more marketing efforts.



This enables us to track opportunities throughout the sales cycle. This results in transparency and control over the sales process. The sales force is instantly and automatically informed when a new lead is identified through a marketing campaign channel. This can only be effective with the availability of data.


Tools we use: Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, DocuSign