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Get in touch with the Revcarto team!


Nintex Case Study

By Jason Bramble

As a global standard in process management, Nintex is on a mission to improve the way people work.

Before working with us, Nintex had considerable marketing assets, but they all failed to work as conversion points.

155 Average leads per month

0.15% Conversion rate


The Challenge

What kind of content could we build them that will improve conversions?


The Goal

0.35% Target conversion rate


The Execution

The client was worried that its assets would not be effective as interactive tools.

The final results show that this was not the case.

Their new conversion index was spectacular.


The Results

6,000 Average leads per month

2.9% Achieved conversion rate

"Revcarto is the best! They are always looking to help us, proved insight & direction, and steer us properly." Sarah Bowman - CRO, Nintex