Expert Advertising Solutions


After identifying your target audience, B2B advertising is almost as complicated as a complex multi-touch affair. At this point, a proper understanding of the available campaign type comes to play. At Revcarto, we focus on Google ads and Facebook ads.




Ultimately, Online ads are directed to lead generation for your business. Tapping into our vast knowledge and experience in the B2B enterprise, we maximize the impact of online ads and advise you on where to place your ads to boost your business leads. To exceed the industry average, we work tirelessly to improve exposure and the chances of customers clicking and engaging in business with you. 


Let us help you see your advert budget put to work today by designing the most effective ads that lead to conversions. Contact us today for your PPC management services.



By connecting both advert platforms Facebook and Google Ads, you can harness the twin power of audience influence and highly -targeted data. This double-attack method of advertising can boost your business by reaching customers before they even think about going into business with you.





  • Skillful Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Accurate Analysis of Your Industry Opponents
  • Ad Production & Optimization
  • ROI Analyses & Optimization Advice
  • Continuous Campaign Tracking & Monitoring
  • Real-Time Facebook Campaign Growth Reporting
  • Advanced Facebook Campaign Consulting
  • Discovery of New Facebook Growth Opportunities




Facebook has grown beyond just a tool for social media. It has now evolved to serve various needs in the social environment, including person-to-person relationships, gaming, e-commerce, news, broadcasting, and much more. These platforms provide us with raw data, which can be mined to produce a unique targeting audience. Facebook ad platforms enable companies to pull data shares between over a billion users. 


Some of the many Facebook targeting opportunities that The Growth Agency can assist you in taking advantage of include: User age, User Gender, Geographic Places, Education Levels, Personal Interests, Top Friends, Person-to-Person Connections, Reported Relationship Status, "Liked" Posts and Pages, Situation Updates, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses (Custom audiences)



 We provide Google Ad also known as pay-per-click (PPC) management services that focus on B2B enterprises. Because this is our specialty, we have the insight to create the ads and display them to ensure that they have maximum impact on your business. 


Properly executed Google Ads can drastically increase growth and boost its exposure. We will work with you directly to know the right ads that suit your business and the right audience to target those ads at an affordable price. 


Revarto records high click-through rates due to our experience and network with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, and Twitter. Our data-driven approach ensures that record-high conversion and quality leads are generated. In turn, we present this result to our clients, keeping them updated about the campaign's progress.


Tools we use: Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager